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I have been amazed what some toy revolvers from the 1950s sell for today. A Nichols Stallion .45 Mark II in mint condition would bring over $1,000!!! They sold for $3.95 in 1957. I attach a photo of Three Rifles....Winchester Model 1894s which are toy rifles made of plastic. This is a photo taken at the Sheriff's Home Office for the Land of Makebelieve. Note that the rifles are in a locked rifle rack. I believe these were made by Marks??
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.270 WIN
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There is currently a Mattel Official Winchester Saddle Rifle Vintage Commercial on UTube. I had never seen it before today. They are selling for a pretty good price today, the Mattel Official Saddle Rifle goes for $250-$350.
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I remember those days quite well...thanks for posting !!
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To bad toy Winchester are pretty much gone today! Childhood fond memories of firearms, even as toys seems to play a role in very positive and proper handling upon adulthood. Other than Red Ryder BB Guns still available today these items seem almost gone. Too bad, so Sad!

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