Winchester Model 70 Featherweight

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Mine is a .308 also. I bought it slightly used from a private party, was his sons and said it wouldn't shoot to their expectations. He was right with the factory bedding, a small ball of snot about the color and consistency of a pencil eraser. I dug that out and replaced it with Accraglass gel. It shoots very well now, 3 shot sub MOA off a bench with my handloads. It does tend to open up a bit after 3 shots to 1.5" though. It's a hunting rifle, I have other rifles for precision work if needed.

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It's been 15 years or so since I traded away my 1990s .270. Some memories may be hazy. However, I do remember being disappointed with its bedding material. Mine shot well, though, until it's barrel got hot. Just like you wrote, krag96, its a hunting rifle.

My .308 was made in South Carolina in 2009. Noteworthy differences from my earlier Model 70s are the one piece floorplate, neatly done bedding, and careful close-tolerance barrel free-floating. It is really quite a nice rifle. Mine was purchased used, too. But it certainly wasn't used much. In fact, the only evidence of use I found were the Talley rings mounted upon it when I received it. It is being used (and properly cared for) now!


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