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a friend of mine has a model 95 and is having some feed problems. it's 30-40 caliber, appears to chamber and eject properly, but it's obvious it's a re-barrel. it appears there is a clearance problem with the rounds in the magazine. the heads of the shells drag on the walls of the magazine.

i'll admit I don't know much about these guns and was wondering if there is a difference in the magazine size depending on the round it was built for. judging from the fit of the magazine when installed in the gun, I don't see how there could or would be much difference. considering how close the tolerance is between the lever action and the magazine, it looks to me as if it would be a one size fits all.

any expert observations or knowledge would be helpful.
trying to gain clearance for the rounds to function in the magazine and not having any luck.

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I will defer your question to the 1895 magazine experts...

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