Winchester Wildcat Bolt Action 22

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Winchester Wildcat Bolt Action 22

Unleash the Winchester® Wildcat, the most accurate rimfire rifle to hit the range in recent memory. The Wildcat rifle’s checkered hardwood stock features the familiar look of the historic centerfire Model 70 Featherweight, complete with a checkered black synthetic Winchester buttplate and matching grip cap, Schnabel fore-end and steel sling swivel studs. Along with the smooth, highly polished bolt, the trigger is light and crisp. One 5-round and three 10-round magazines are included.

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These rifles are still being made for the European market.
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Good to know, maybe we will have to move this section then.

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I would really like to buy one, but cannot find one anywhere!

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I read somewhere that they were made for Winchester by some European company; CZ?
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The Winchester "Wildcat" was made for Winchester by TOZ in Russia.
Same Company that Made the old Mosin Nagents.
Well made Gun w/ Excellent Barrels. On Some Models the Trigger Will Need "Work"
I know Mine Did. Trigger Pull was Very Heavy but Crisp on Letoff.
Polishing/Stoning the Bearing Surfaces in the Sear & Trigger Helps a Lot.
Ended up using a Trigger Helper, from Cabella's to Lighten Pull Wt. Works Great.
Gun is Very Accurate Now.
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I'm Really Surprised that No one Else Has Posted on This Forum.
Are Winchester "Wildcat" 22's That Rare?
Really Like Mine. Have an Old Redfield Bear Cub 3-9 X 40 on Mine.
Lots of Fun Ridding the Pond of Turtles. One of My Favorite Summer Chores.
Too Bad 22LR Ammo Is so Scarce & Expensive These Days.
Wish it Wasn't. 'Cause I'd Sure Like to Shoot It More Often.
Anyone Else Have one of these Sweet Lil' Rifles?
If So , Post Your Experience/Opinions/Views Here.
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Welcome to the Winchester Owners Forum UncleSarge58 !!

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