Winchester Model 61 1948

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I went to the LGS about two weeks ago to put a High wall Uberti in Layaway. I followed a gentleman in carrying a gun case. He walked up to the counter and stated he wanted to trade this gun in for the highwall on the wall.

I thought, just my luck, he then pulled a old Winchester 61 out of his case that he brought in. This is the only LGS that I really do any business with. It is only 4 miles from my house. Anyway the LGS salesman (good friend) called me over to the side and asked if I was interested. He needed to know so he could give him a price. They know I collect 22's. I told him I was and what I would give for it. They made their deal and the Model 61 came home with me.

Took her out and attempted to fire 10 rounds. Only two fired out of the 10. Took her in and appart, saw that the bolt was not going all the way into the locking slot in the receiver. The more I looked at her the more I believed the bolt and forearm link was worn where they push the bolt up into the locking recess.

I paid a pretty penny for the rifle but I decided that I wanted it right. It would only fire if I held the forearm forward while shooting. I could feel the forearm jerk back a little when fired. I ordered a used bolt and forearm link that were in really good shape along with a new firing pin.

Got them in the mail today (Mail is very slow anymore) and installed them. Bolt locked up really well just like a vault. Took her out and shot 50 rounds without a hiccup. Very happy with her.

I also cut the LOP down to 12.5" since someone had already cut it down and replaced the original butt plate with a plastic Winchester butt plate instead of the steel. Rifle fits me to a T now with my shorter fram. She cost me but she was well worth the money.



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