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My deceased grandfather handed down a pump action Winchester 22 caliber rifle to my son and we're trying to identify year of manufacture.

]The markings we've been able to locate on the rifle are as follows:"Winchester (Trademark) .22 S,L, or L.R. - Model - 270" stamped/engraved on the left side of the barrel immediately in front of the rear sight, followed by a "B" encircled and stamped/engraved on the barrel. A separate small encircled /stamped/engraved P/W is located on the front left top side of the receiver .Serial Number: 467649 (located on bottom of receiver body just behind the wood pump action handle)

seeking to date the rifle, i.e. year it was made.

Copper BB
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You may try calling Winchester. The only info I could find was they were made from 1963-1973 and the serial numbers were non-sequential. I have called them before and they are great people and very friendly on the phone. Sorry I could not find out more. Here is where I got my info.

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