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Hey, guys, new member! Got a bit of a puzzle and need some opinions. Picked up a really clean pre-64 model 70 the other day with a low enough serial numbet to make it pre-WWII. However, it turns out that it falls just outside the cut-off point for pre-war, just over 31000, It appears to have been made early 1941.

The value book shows a bit more value for pre-war models because of fit and finish being really exceptional. Question is, since this one is not pre-war based on serial number (just over 34000), but the pre-war years are 1936-1941, is this one just considered a Standard model? Thanks for your help.
PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:08 pm's just a standard Pre-64 model.

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Thanks. Not a day goes by that I don't learn something new about my lifetime hobby!
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Hello Keith....thanks for being with us here on the Winchester forum. Congratulations on your find.
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Thanks for your note, redryder. It's always good to be welcomed by folks that share common interests. Very happy with my new 70; it's in swell shape for 75 years old!

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Most folks consider Pre-war M70's ended, 1941, at serial number 41,753. . Normal post war production did not resume until 1946, beginning with serial number 50,933 with 7,461 made.

1945 was still geared up for the war effort with only 924 made, 1944 only 14 were made, 1943, 777 were made, but 1942 Winchester cranked out 7,453 M70's


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Rod. Thanks for the numbers! It appears that I can legitimately say my 70 is pre-war based on the serial number cut-off that you provided. It was sort of in limbo, since thevalues book used an earlier cut-off, even though the manufacture date was early 1941, prior to the actual start of the war in December. The value of the rifle really lies in the history rather than the marketplace. I've already instructed my wife that when mh time is up, toss it in the box with me! Keep your eye on the skyline; thanks sgain!

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It seems like the last several of my posts here have been delivering good news. This counts as another! Absent such as first year production, the 'prewar' Model 70 genre is valued not by hard dates but by, as you note Keith, fit & finish as well as the observable prewar characteristics. Your rifle should not be at the very limit but comfortable within that prewar zone. Originality and condition far more important. I have one in the 42K range. Maybe a week before our Pearl Harbor. I absolutely consider it "prewar" and to me according to characteristics, even later so.
One can call "prewar" whenever they want. If all the attributes are there which reflect prewar style parts... If the duck quacks! The bottom line, if anyone tries to tell you it's a lesser rifle, smile & walk away!
Enjoy that nice rifle!
My take.

Ops! Just back with a clarification. You're referring to the Standard Model as though it superseded the prewar. No. The Standard model (technically the Standard rifle) was the ordinary, most prevalent of the various models from the beginning of production through to the conclusion and offered in many chamberings.

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Thanks again, iskra; your considerations are mine as well. It is a pleasure to be amongst folks that share the passion. I once told a non-believer that the model 70 addiction can't be cured, one can only treat it from time to time!

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