receiver sights. which one?

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In need of a receiver sight for my 1941 model 70 and haven't been able to figure out which Lyman it is that will install without having to cut a big notch in the stock. I think Redfield majes a sight as well, but haven't found much about that one. Thanks!
PostPosted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 5:02 pm
Try the schematics pages at Numrich Gun Parts...maybe the sight will be sold there too !! ... -33573.htm

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The third variation of the Lyman 48 receiver sight does not require a stock relief cut. Those were produced from 1947 until Lyman discontinued that model in 1974.

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Plus 1 for p.d. Yet... the rule of Murphy. I have a small variety of prewar 70 rifles. THe metal is no worry with the holes there and exactly spaced. The supplied fitment screws 'should' be the correct length, yet can be shortened if required. The prewar stocks had a different tang design than 'most' of the postwar models, the changeover in the early/mid postwar period of the forties. Now that should have nothing whatsoever to do with the sight fitment under discussion. Yet... it may.

Remembering that as noted, the so-called double scalloped Lyman 48 versions were in fact postwar developments, they were designed for that period rifles and 'generally' those and later ones work well as intended without stock alterations. 'Theoretically', they should fit the prewar rifles perfectly. In fact, not always. Just a circumstance which may occur and I know of no way to predict short of a trial fitting.

For a receiver sight on the Model 70, you are on the right track with the Lyman 48 as the premo factory/complimentary piece. Also of course never ordinarily to inlet for retrofit. That stock much more valuable without such cutout. Yet just to mention the possibility of that Lyman still standing proud due to a pesky slightly thicker stock in the critical area than the 'new & improved' Lyman 48 will accommodate.

The last matter, seriously consider getting a 48 with "Target" adjusting knobs. The so caller "Hunter" knobs were/are considerably less popular and as a generalization will NOT accord the increased value to the rifle the Target version will. This whether or not you leave it permanently or may wish to remove and sell it later.

I do applaud your idea and do wish you luck. Hopefully, your 48 acquisition will fit and function perfectly. In any case if you buy it right, you can at least get your money back if it doesn't work out.
I hope you will return here to let us know... the rest of the story.

My take

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Thanks for your response, iskra. Good point about the target knobs. Got a local gunshow coming up, so I might turn up something there. There are a few internet sources that I couldorder from, but they tend to be pretty high priced, and I'd rather get my hands on the real thing before I turn over the cash!

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The one that PD said, Lyman 48, is what i have on my pre-war M70, Gov't 06. And as PD said, you don't need to relieve the stock to fit it on there. . If memory is correct, be careful you don't turn the screw down too far or you'll leave a small hole in the top of the stock. .


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