Pre 64 Model 70" bolt not serializes"

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Hey everyone

I just picked up a my second Pre 64 the other day. I got it for a great prices so I couldn't say no. I noticed that the bolt does not have the rifle serial number on the bolt. My other rifle does have the rifle serial number on it the bolt.

I have been trying to get answers on this subject every rifle I have seen and looked for on the internet also have the serial number on the bolt.

So question is to everyone is??? If the bolt doesn't have receiver serial number is this normal or did i just buy a pre 64 that was but together with other parts.
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Probably another bolt...not original.

It happens...

( BTW...only one thread per topic...and this is where this one belongs...thanks )

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Relax! Do you want the good news or... The good news? :)
I have a pretty fair collection of Models 70 and NONE have the serial number on the bolt body! Mine include second year of manufacture to the last year! I've read that SN stuff so many times, but only seen it a few times over hundreds of the pre-64 genre I've looked at. The opposite situation to the point where if I did see one with the SN on the bolt, I'd likely be suspicious!
Unlike the Mauser 98 genre where originally most all were heavily stamped with the SN, and a definite tilt if absent or mismatched. Win 70 rifles were not disassembled in mass and parts soaked in barrels of solvent in large numbers where bolts could get swapped. While it does happen for instance where a bolt is lost, an in-era replacement often indistinguishable. There were some tiny changes in bolt handles between prewar and later. If any questions, check the headspace. Otherwise, just profile your rifle compared to the myriad photos available on the Internet.
If the gun visibly looks all original in terms of parts, the likelihood of a non-original bolt is extremely small. I don't even stop to check such. Just to eyeball for originality in most other aspects!
Go have a brew and relax!

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