pre 64 Model 70 - best scope base and mounts

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Hi all,

I have a pre-64 Model 70 ( 1951 vintage ) and I want to change the scope base and rings. I am interested in peoples opinion on what is the best quality base and rings? I am not bothered by price and really want to go for good ones. I have looked at Talley 2 piece that look good. Any advice welcomed

thanks, Mark

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I think there are several good mounts on the market. There are cheap ones also but you can tell if they are cheaply made. As long as you stay with reputable brands I think it boils down to personal taste. I like Leupold dual dovetail mounts and Talleys.

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many thanks!
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Welcome to the Winchester site Mark. Happy grazing!
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I prefer the Weaver bases for a few reasons. With a detachable ring of any type that mounts to a picanny base, once the scope is removed you can see your open sights. I know of no other bases that you can do that. Now that Weaver offers several ring models that are windage adjustment, I cannot think of a reason not to use Weaver bases.
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My own experience has led me to believe that Leupold PRW mounts and bases to be superior to all others I've used. Lately I've been upgrading my scopes to Leupolds on all my serious go-to pre-64 M70's and removing all but one Swarovski, an older vari-x 2 and two older Scopechief 2.5-8x33. . The Swarovski is an Austrian made 30mm high end scope using Leupold mounts and bases. It's a tad heavier than my new Leupold VX3 and VX2 scopes but using on a FW it's 5 oz heavier than Leupold on my other FW's.

I recently bought another pre-64 FW that came with a Leupold VX2, 2-7x33 mounted with Leupold quick release mounts and I've found this arrange to be quite nice. . The VX2, 2-7x33 is a real nice scope and wouldn't have given it a second look on the shelf. . At low settings it has a nice wide field of view, it weighs only 10 oz, it's about 1 1/2" shorter than my VX3's and comes up quick with instant eye relief. I was going to replace it with a vx3 I bought but decided to leave it where it is. . Don't care for the levers on the quick release mounts but they're on there for the time being.

I was a big fan of the older Weaver mount system but I've learned the Leupold PRW mounts and bases to be superior. . It's important to mount the scope square with the gun to ensure long shots don't vear to one side or another. . The PRW mounts are easier to square off than the Weavers. I use the two levels; one on the receiver and one on the scope to square off the scope. . The Weaver mounts are a pain to get perfect.


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I use Leupold windage adjustable mounts and rings . I do as much windage as I can with the mount so I do not have to move the reticle anymore than is absolutely needed. Sweet spot on the lense is the absolute center and that is where the most accurate sight picture is .

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I also have been using Leupold mounts and have gone to the VXll 2X7 scope except for a few which are Lyman All American Perma Center 4X in Buhler mounts that I bought new. Some of these scopes and mounts have been on rifles for quite some time with no sign of movement.
These mounts all have windage adjustment and like most I use the mount adjustment first,
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I use badger ordinance rings and bases on my pre 64 model 70s they are by far better then anything listed if money is not an issue

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