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In a previous post I told you guys I had snagged a pre-war model 70 with an unusual scope mount. I think it's a Stith, but it's unmarked except for a part number on each piece.

Anyway, it utilizes the two side screws for the rear mount, since the rear bridge is not drill and tapped and the real downside to it is that the eyepiece has to be unscrewed to insert the tube into the ring. It had a Kollmorgen Bear Cub 4x, which seems to tolerate the unscrewing part, but I will not be putting the mount back on, and just wanted to offer up the works to anyone interested!

Value? Beats me; can't be much, but interesting to us collector types. I'm up for swapping sight hoods, buttplates, or any other parts, especially a Lyman receiver sight for that early a model. Let me know!

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