Model 70 Bolts, Serial Numbers & The Letter "R"

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One for the Pre-64 Model 70 folks. I've got a 1952 M70, .30-06 that looks to be all original. A very clean and sharp bore. Stock and metal does show it's been used, but not abused. There is an area on the bolt where it looks like a Serial Number may have once been. And maybe not? It really doesn't matter. It's got a tight chamber and close headspace. Shoots better than I do and it's not going nowhere no time soon.

On the underside of the Bolt Handle, in the small flat on the Root of the Handle where it welds to the Bolt, there's a small letter "R" stamped. A call to Winchester told me that it's an old Factory Replacement Bolt. That they did not number those Bolts and stamped the R there to indicate Replacement. This is all fine and well, EXCEPT I've come across original M70s with original matching bolts and have the same "R" stamped there.

Anyone with a different letter stamped there? With or without Serial Number? None of this is of any real importance, but it keeps bugging the hell out of me. Can anyone offer anything relative to this?

Thanks for your time.
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My comment is subjective as I have no backup reference. Most firearms manufactures experience production overruns. The "R" bolt could be such. Production overruns are occasionally used later in assembling new or rebuilt firearms. The "R" bolts might have been used on new productions. The "R" being hidden away. Colt is known to assemble early overrun parts onto new pistols.
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Not sure about that...

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It just an inspectors mark the R is the most common letter found and usually found in type 3 bolts other letters were also used but not seen as often Y V t T N
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That could be the answer...

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