Iron Sights Adjustment

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I have a M70 300 H&H Mag that I plan on using the iron sights, no scope. Any hints or suggestions in adjusting them would be appreciated. I've been reading that they are more difficult to sight in than a scope. The sights are stock (flip up rear, hooded front) and I doubt they have been adjusted since leaving the factory in 1958.
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Best way I know to sight in "iron" sights is trial and error at the range.

Don't think I can type out a procedure...just get on paper at 25-50 yards and work from there.

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No sweat. Always place front sight in the same place of your rear sight notch. Use the 6 o'clock hold on a 100 yard NRA target and sight it in. Use trajectory tables to determine hold-over in inches.

Same procedure used for a 200 yard zero..


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To adjust the windage you will or should use a brass drift to move the sight. The rear sight moves in the direction you want the bullet to move ie; move point of impact to the right move the sight to the right. The opposite is true for the front sight.
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Early model rear folders had elevation adjustment the screw on the right side held the notch piece at the desired height
The early notch pieces had a V notch and also a U notch to choose from
The later model folders added the windage adjustment and most had a 4 sided notch piece to choose from
Start by taking the right screw out of the rear sight and choosing a notch that fits your front sight and application

It's possible you have windage and elevation adjustment on your rear sight and a brass punch won't be needed
Good luck

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