M70 forend screw/action screws

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I have a 1959 Model 70 chambered in 30-06 that was passed down to me from my dad's dad. I've recently been trying to develop an accurate handload for it.

My question is in regards to the action screws; is there a specific torque? It's a wood stock that is not glass bedded. I read somewhere that the middle screw, the one directly in front of the trigger guard, should not be overtightened or it will warp the action. Is this true?

Also, what's with the front forend screw? Will different torques on that front screw give different accuracy results? I realize it's not a benchrest rifle, I just want to get the most out of it as I can, as far as accuracy. Also, what grain bullets do these older mod70s like? I'm not sure of the twist ratio.

Thanks so much.
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Sorry...can't help you with that torque question.

But standby...I'm sure some member here will know...

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Torque will depend on your stocks condition and the climate you live in sounds like a family heirloom so 35 inch pounds on the front and rear and hand tight on the middle

A dovetail is cut into the bottom of the boss and the adjustment​ screw is that which you see in the forearm by tightening that screw you stiffen the barrel and change the harmonics torque for your specific load by all means will it change your bullets impact find a setting that works for your desired load
Sounds like you have a standard model so you have a 1-10 twist rate

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