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I'm a handgun guy at heart but I've always wanted a bolt action long gun. I sort of fell into this 1941 Model 70, #48261, which fits in the range of the 373 shipped to the Marine Corps on May 29, 1942. Of course I doubt that this if one of the 373 (that way I'm never disappointed) but is there any tell-tale stuff to look for? I'm curious about the RIA/FK (Frank Krack, great name) stamp. The front and rear sights are Lyman but the top of the chamber, behind the boss, has some marks that may have been from a mounted scope. Any thoughts?
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As far as your question on the Inspector Block...

RIA = Rock Island Arsenal

FK = Inspector Frank Krack

Frank Krack was Assistant Foreman of the Inspection Division at Rock Island Arsenal from September 17, 1941 until he retired on July 19th, 1946. During that period all small arms inspected under his supervision would be stamped with his initials "FK" as well as those of the Rock Island Arsenal "RIA"


Article: ... -model-70/
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Welcome to the forum and very nice Model 70 you have there! I never knew about the RIA/FK stamp! Thanks for sharing her with us Rick!
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