Mag Tube Won't Rotate for Assembly/Disassembly

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Hi All,

New to the Model 12. I have a 16-gauge that I disassembled for cleaning. Removed and reinstalled the bolt and all pieces. But when it came time to reinstall the barrel and mag tube assembly, the mag tube would not fully rotate back into position. I had to gently hammer it with a piece of wood to slowly get it to rotate back into position. It seems to cycle and dry fire fine, but I'm wondering why it is all of a sudden so "stuck" so that it can't freely rotate normally for disassembly/re-assembly. Is there something I'm missing about this or maybe I re-assembled it wrong to begin with?
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Sorry...can't help you with that question.

Did you figure it out yet...!?

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Finally figured it out! Chalk it up to a rookie mistake I guess. During re-assembly, I failed to push the mag tube back in all the way. I thought I had, but I discovered I have to push it in with a tiny bit more force in order to freely rotate it for proper alignment. Luckily, I didn't damage it when I reassembled it earlier - rookie learning experience. Hope this helps any other Model 12 owner who happens upon the same problem.

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