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I just bought a 1937 16 gauge Model 12 shotgun. This is my first for that make and model. The wood stocks need refinishing. I have refinished several wood stocks before using BLO, Pure (uncut) Tung Oil, Pilkington’s Classic Gunstock Finish, and Permalyn. Frankly, I like all of them, but know they each have advantages and disadvantages.

In researching Pilkington products, there is a finish and a stain that are designed to appear like “pre-64” Winchester’s. I don’t know whether or not that includes Winchester shotguns. Specifically, the promotional material for the finish says, “. . . the Red and Brown is perfect to match any pre-'64 guns that had the stain in the finish.” I am comfortable with the Pilkington “sanding-in” application and am drawn to using it on my recently bought Model 12.

Have any of you used either or both of this red & brown Pilkington finish?
1. Is it appropriate to produce a close resemblance to the original finish for pre-‘64 Model 12s?
2. If not, what is a good finish to achieve that result?
3. Can you refer me to pictures that show the original wood finish for older Model 12s?

Thanks a lot.

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