Winchester 54 Stock variations

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Hi everyone,

I have been looking to get a Winchester 54 for some while now.

I am still looking and I notice at least four different Stock kinds.

Does anyone have any links to illustrations of the Factory Stock options for these?

At first, I was suspicious some had been re Stocked, and, this may be, but looking closely, I do suspect there were several Factory options available.

I would like to know more about this if anyone can help.

Were the Stocks Serial Numbered to the Gun on the 54?


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Welcome to the site.

Can't satisfy your inquiry. Others might have some wisdom toward the 54 stocks.
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Enjoy the forum.

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Rather than a treatise, just a brief mention of the several kinds of most typical/often encountered Model 54 stocks. Early version, 1925-30, Schnabel type with pronounced drop from bore-line at buttstock. Carbine version with grasping groove. Later so called NRA style stock design tending toward much more modern lines. No carbines offered in this latter era 1930-1935. Best is just to have a look at the common rifle and carbine styles. Very interesting model these! Originality an important factor in value; just a word to the wise. Good luck and...
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