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I have been in contact with Winchester in the attempt to get an owners manual for a Model 64A i recently bought from a friend. After talking with a Winchester customer service rep, he indicated they had what sounded like an incomplete manual for a 64, which might not be too different from the 64A. According to my research the 64A was built in the early 70s (mine was 1972). Anyway, I'm trying to find an owners manual since it didn't sound like the info Winchester had was very complete. Anyone know of a source? The Winchester guy said to try Midway USA. I did and had no luck. Any help is most appreciated.

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Hello and welcome to the site,hunter1.

Yes the Model 64A was built in the 1970s.It used the post 1964 receiver and if I remember rightly it had a less pronounced cure than the earlier Model 64.Seems to me the Model 64A was only listed for a few years.

Not sure where to locate an owners manual,but you could try e-bay.
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