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PostPosted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:14 pm
First off I'd like to apologize for my post yesterday. I'm a new guy to the forum world and was unaware there are specific rules to follow. I got off on the wrong foot with you guys and humbly ask for your mercy Rest assured I had no intention of circumventing the rules and vow to be a team player in this community.

If I may ask my question again...I'm looking for factory ammo input on my Model 70 (new in the last 2-3 years) 25-06. I should note I haven't got into hand loading yet. I'm interested but don't have the time right now for another hobby.

I've shot various Hornady and Federal loads in the 117g weight but not really pleased or confident in the results. Flyers are frequent even with sufficient cooling time. I'm no sniper but shot sub moa in the 100-300 yrd range with other calibers (.243, 6.5 creed, .223), so I know its not 100% ME (at least i hope :D ). This is a hunting rifle for TX whitetail and Mulie with the occasional hog if the opportunity presents itself. I picked up some Remington 120g CorLokt I plan to try next. Winchester has a few rounds in the 115g and 120g id like to look around for?

Curious what you guys think?

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Have you checked the bedding? Some years back I bought a Model 70 in 6.5X55 Swedish Mauser. Bullets from factory ammunition would keyhole in the target at twenty five yards. Turns out that the barrel had a very long throat which was designed for the 156 grain Mauser load. Using a few Sinclair tools I fixed that problem. But during the early stages of ownership I discovered that Winchester had dropped a gob of some type of bedding material in the bottom of the hole for the recoil shoulder and it was not nearly square. I fixed that, started loading bullets just off the lands and that rifle is a tack driver.

Then again, each rifle is a rule unto itself and you might just stumble across a factory load it likes.

Good luck with it!

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I have not. That is pretty far beyond my comfort level of tinkering. Ive done some research and understand the thoughts and theory for the most part. In my mind it’s still ammo and technique are the main problems. Trigger time has always consisted of a few “zero” shots before a hunt, maybe a box total throughout the year. This has served me well in the past until I bought this rifle. Now it’s in my head. I haven’t put any numbers together for comparison but I feel like the trigger pull could be a pound or so heavy causing a bit of anticipation compared to other rifles. I considered trading it in but didn’t get any worth while offers. So here I am determined to beat this thing and regain confidence in the caliber/system.

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Welcome syoung. Two things come to mind aside from bedding, how is the trigger and do you rest the rifle at the same spot on the forearm. Also how are the stock to barrel screws.
I have a new M70 .325 WSM which shoots very well. You mentioned anticipation, and the trigger,as far as the trigger goes there is an adjustment you could make. For the anticipation, well since this seems to be the rifle with the loudest bang and most recoil you're used to I strongly suggest an inexpensive shoulder worn recoil pad, I use one all of the time at the range for everything from .243 up it makes a difference. I know your rifle probably has an attached pad most of mine do.
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