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I just purchased a Win. Model 101 O/U at Cabelas. I'd like to use it for spring turkey, and have never used an O/U before. I was windering about extended vs. flush fit extra full turkey chokes. I see Winchester offers a Signature series flush fit invector plus turkey choke. If I were to install an extended turkey choke such as a Primos Jellyhead with porting, would it be best to install one in each barrel?
I was concerned that if the second barrel was needed for a follow-up, and had a standard flush mount choke, the extended choke on the top barrel could be affected by the exiting gases.

Basically , would like advice on turkey choke set-ups from guys who have Win. 101's or other O/Us and use them for turkey. Also, any recommnedations on turkey chokes for Win. 101 appreciated. I was thinking perhaps to use the Winchester Signature invector plus extra full turkey choke on the top barrel and my standard Win. full choke below that came with the gun. Thanks.
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